Bridge of Trust: Working together to achieve success!

What we do

We turn customers into best friends.

In this way, we help to increase your sales and revenue and thus secure the future viability of your company.

Our flexible BriX EcoSystem turns smartphones into marketing tools, physical products into digital experiences and every interaction into valuable insights.

The BriX EcoSystem combines innovative software solutions, the finest technologies, and outstanding experts' expertise.

Our mission? Your success!

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Who we are

Our approach is centered around teamwork and collaboration. Our innovation teams are staffed with highly-skilled professionals from around the world, who are well-connected to each other. They specialize in various areas such as low-code IoT platforms, applied blockchain technologies, software development, artificial intelligence, gamification, RFID, product identification, and product marking. We also offer brand and product management and C-level strategy consulting to complement this expertise.

With this setup, we will also ensure that your project succeeds!

Make. Digitalization. Easy.

The digital transformation involves a vast variety of barely manageable technologies for product manufacturers and chain stores.

To improve digital products and customer experiences, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the technologies involved. However, it is equally important to use this expertise to develop solutions that make sense and not to implement technology just for the sake of it. Additionally, disruptive business models and innovative services also require specialized skills and knowledge to succeed.

With the motivation to make digital opportunities more accessible, I founded Bridge of Trust DIGITAL to build bridges for our customers.

Our commitment to your success, combined with our powerful BriX EcoSystem, makes us unique.

In my extensive career, I have had the privilege of helping prestigious companies digitize their products. With my dedicated team and our boundless passion for digital transformation, I am confident that we can also propel your success forward.

Marco Linsenmann, Founder and managing director of Bridge of Trust DIGITAL

Our customers

Our favourite customers are companies that are managed by the owners themselves and who recognize and desire to utilize the opportunities presented by digital product extension. We work with well-known companies with strong brands and products, as well as hidden champions. Our goal is to inspire and support our clients through short decision-making processes and by focusing on medium to long-term thinking and action.

Supported industries: automotive, beverage industry, FMCG, cosmetics, luxury goods, merchandising, spirits, sports, fashion, leisure.

Our offices

Our offices in Heidelberg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt are real design offices. We invite you to experience this unique setting for concentration, contemporary, flexible collaboration, creativity and inspiration. We are looking forward to your visit.

Our company logo

The Old Bridge to Heidelberg was built in 1788 by Elector Karl Theodor. It is now the ninth bridge in the same location - and it was an innovation, as it replaced the previous wooden bridge as a stone bridge. The first documented bridge was built here 500 years earlier to bring prosperity and growth to the city of Heidelberg.

The Old Bridge to Heidelberg is the godmother of our logo: We build bridges and thus ensure growth, efficiency and future security with innovation and trust.