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Close to the consumer instead of just being there

Lead your company to real sales growth, deep customer understanding and knowing your end customers.

The BriX Ecosystem allows you to create digital experiences for your physical products in minutes. These lead to maximum attention and engagement, resulting in precise customer knowledge.
The BriX Ecosystem enables direct marketing (D2C) and product-related online services via smartphone.

BriX is suitable for products in almost all industries, stationary and online retail, and selected services.

It is time to regain more market share

Here you can see how we turn challenges into success with targeted digitization.

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Product marking and identification

The connection between the physical and digital world is based on unique identification and product identification.

With BriX MARK & TAG, we offer immediately available, serialized standard stickers, tags, woven textile labels or inserts with QR code or NFC - and everything that goes with it.

Cloud-based self-service platform

BriX ENGAGE is at the heart of our ecosystem. This allows you to control dynamic content management between your products and consumers or users independently and without programming knowledge. This is how you turn your customers into real fans.

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AI chatbots

With BriX CHAT, you can use AI chatbots specially trained to meet your needs. Changing focal points and characters also ensure sustained attention.

Use BriX CHAT for sales support on your website or in smartphone interaction with BriX ENGAGE.

Token-based ecosystems

With BriX BLOCKCHAIN, you can integrate blockchain-based bonus programs, digital vouchers or even your currencies into your customer journey.

Beneficial gamification

Beneficial gamification increases attention and makes content attractive.

For example, use gamification to support your sustainability initiatives — and thus to support customer loyalty.

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BriX use cases

BriX MERCHANDISING: Personalized merchandising items with personalization and gamification increase long-lasting attention

BriX FMCG: Beverage and consumer goods manufacturers engage their customers through compelling, diverse infotainment, and innovative loyalty programs

BriX WINE: E-Label for Wine: Turn EU regulations into a captivating addition for your customers

BriX FOCUS: Opticians bring their customers back to their specialist stores with the digital eyeglass prescription, changing educational content and attractive events

BriX SPIRITS: Creating trust and loyal customers through bonus programs and counterfeit protection for premium spirits

BriX COSMETIC: Transforming one-time buyers into repeat customers for high-end cosmetics and perfumes through storytelling, loyalty programs, and authenticity verification

BriX PARTS: In the automotive aftermarket, both discerning customers and manufacturers benefit from authenticity verification and gray market control

BriX BEAUTY: Smart beauty products attract the affluent target group of young, digitally savvy consumers in particular

BriX TWIN: The digital product passport is already here. Transform effort into revenue and provide added value to your customers

More success with BriX

The BriX - Ecosystem provides compelling customer experiences for excellent customer knowledge.
By the way, you protect your products from counterfeiting and your return on investment from gray market losses.

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It's time to rethink direct marketing. Digital transformation allows you to inject new momentum into your business and achieve your goals.

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