BriX FOCUS: The digital passport for the optical industry and specialist opticians

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Never lose contact with your best customers again.

The BriX FOCUS digital passport for workshop machines, optical instruments, leisure optics, special glasses and spectacles.

Are you a manufacturer, sales partner or service partner?
-> The digital passport per device or product for efficient customer service and profitable sales growth.

Are you the owner of a specialist optician's store?
-> The digital passport per pair of glasses for contemporary online direct marketing with your customers (WITHOUT a newsletter!) and effective differentiation from the competition.

Each is as unique as an iris: BriX FOCUS stickers and NFC chips.
We also supply stickers in your corporate design.

Unique identification with BriX FOCUS stickers or NFC chip

For manufacturers, sales partners or service partners

  • Clear labeling of each device or product
  • Multilingual infotainment (including data sheets, image material, tutorial, own data)
  • Secure link with the associated customer
  • Accessories, spare parts, service requirements can be ordered with one click
  • Active dialog marketing and always up-to-date information without wastage (push and pull)


For specialist opticians

  • Unique identification of each pair of glasses via case, invoice or integrated NFC chip
  • Multilingual infotainment (e.g. issuing branch, contact person, glasses pass, promotions, appointment booking and much more)
  • Secure link with the associated customer
  • Active dialog marketing and always up-to-date information without wastage (push and pull)

The opportunity for sustainable success

See the digital passport for opticians here.

For specialist opticians:
Inspire your customers and benefit at the same time

1. Hand over BriX FOCUS 
2. Customer uses personalized infotainment
3. Growth in sales through direct approach

1: Hand over BriX FOCUS

BriX FOCUS can be used as a sticker, eyewear chain, charm or buil-in the eyeglass frame. It is pre-programmed for your stores, and you can also record eyewear data to personalize the glasses. Your customers can personalize the glasses themselves, and all data can be changed at a later date. Existing customers can also benefit from BriX FOCUS, and you can benefit from them.

2: Customer uses personalized infotainment

When your customers scan BriX FOCUS, they can directly access their eyewear and store information in their language, along with personalized content. This additional content is diverse and replaceable, customized to your store's exclusive offers, promotions, and events. BriX FOCUS also enhances the service's attractiveness by including gamification and a specially trained AI chat to provide helpful information on all aspects of optometry and good vision.

3: Growth in sales through direct approach

Even if customers aren't actively scanning, you can target registered customers directly via smartphone. This allows you to increase the turnover of profitable customers and develop low-turnover customers into valuable regulars.

Benefits of BriX FOCUS

Depending on the application, there are specific advantages and benefits. Manufacturers, sales partners and service partners benefit from other advantages than specialist opticians. Customers are either consumers or specialist opticians.

Book your free consultation now so that we can explain the options for your specific application. We will also be happy to create a free prototype afterwards.

BriX FOCUS Packages and Pricing

No app, no subscription. No contract commitment. No additional hardware or software is required.

Best choice!

For opticians: 
Linking of each pair of glasses with issuing store and customer

For manufacturers, sales partners and service partners: Linking of each device with the responsible product/device partner and customer
Language Module
  • BriX FOCUS automatically displays the language that the user has set on their smartphone.

  • Available languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Turkish. More on request.

  • German and English are always available.

  • Text in foreign languages are provided by the client.

My Glasses Passport Module
  • Eyeglass data, lens description, frame, more

  • Date of purchase

  • Data collection by Optical Store and customer

24-Hour Advisor Module
  • AI chatbot “Clara” for customer questions about glasses, ophthalmology and good vision

  • Clara communicates in over 20 languages (no additional language module required)

  • Individual AI chatbot on request (branch-related, individually trained)

Good Vision Module (for opticians)
  • Administration date of last eye test by the customer and the Optical Store

  • Integration of specific online eye tests at the client's discretion (e.g. ZEISS®); any third-party usage fees are not included

  • Gamificiation: "Clean the Ocean" Eye Test Game.

  • We are happy to create individual eye test games on request

External Content Module
  • Integration of external content, such as news feeds, UV index, weather information, current surveys, etc.

  • Any third-party usage fees or creation of own content are not included.

Personal Data Module
  • Management by the customer only

  • Customer can store personal data (e.g. for Lost&Found)

Upload Module

Upload of documents and images by the customer ; e.g. sales receipt, prescriptions, insurance documents

Campaign Management Module

Selective and targeted push information directly to the customer's smartphone


The QR codes work even after their validity expires! However, once the validity period has expired, only a central homepage is referred to and the individual data is no longer visible. An extension is possible at any time and data that has already been saved will be visible again.

2 years
3 years
4 years
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